Kings Cultural Center is under Kings Regional Traditional Folk Arts which is a 501(c)3 public not for profit organization founded to expand the artistic opportunities for the youth of Kings County and surrounding communities. We are currently looking for donors to assist us in expanding the existing building from 2,500 sf to 6,000 sf. KCC is the first and only agency in A 50 mile radius that provides Marichi instructions and Folklorico dancing. WE NEED YOUR MONETARY SUPPORT TO MAKE THIS A REALITY.

Why should I donate?

As a volunteer-based organization, the Kings Cultural Center stands most in need of dedicated volunteers who can work on software, documentation, or administrative issues within each of the KCC projects. If you have the available time to contribute, then it is very much appreciated - volunteer contributions from both individuals and corporate entities are the lifeblood of the non profit corporation..

The KCC provides the infrastructure for the projects - the mailing lists, code repositories, bug tracking systems, etc. This requires a financial assistance to maintain a paid staff to handle essential administration, to purchase bandwidth and to keep our servers running. Donations, again from both individuals and corporate entities, provide the foundation upon which Kings Cultural Center projects develop and are again very much appreciated.

If I donate financially, where would my donations go?

Currently, the bulk of our financial obligations are going towards a BUILDING FUND for the expansion of our center. We are currently working with an architec and County agency along with building contractor to expand the building and provide free ot low cost classes for our communities in Kings County.

If you have a specific target or project that you wish to directly support, please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your wishes.

If you wish to provide equipment for use by the center, or donate an instrument (guitar, violin, guitarron, vihuela or trumpet or electric guitar, or key board) please contact us. Any equipment is tax deductible and we will provide a letter for your tax deductions. If you donate outfits, or shoes for kids who are unable to purchase them for our folklorico class or our hip-hop class or donate bottle waters to provide the kids with purified drinking water, anything that you want to donate is welcome.

The Kings Cultural Center is a non-profit organization

The Kings Cultural Center is a private operating foundation that is registered as a non-profit, charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. This means that, for individuals within the U.S., donations to the KCC should be tax-deductible. We are not accountants, so this cannot be trusted as financial advice of any kind, but hopefully this description will be useful to those who advise you in these matters. You may view our ruling letter from the IRS acknowledging our 501(c)3 status.

Donate via PayPal

Individuals and companies can donate funds to support the KCC and its projects. You can contribute via PayPal by clicking on the PayPal icon up above.

Donate via check

You can also donate by sending a check or money order, payable to "The Kings Cultural Center", (donations only, please ) at:

The Kings Cultural Center
PO Box #71
Hanford, CA 93232

Our center is in Armona California and mail is not delivered at our physical address.

Please include the name under which you wish the donation to be credited, either your own or the third-party if it is a gift on behalf of someone else, and an e-mail address to which we can acknowledge receipt. This information will not be used for any other purpose. We will send a physical receipt by normal mail for any donations of US $250 or more, provided you include a return address